Surviving The Long Wars 

National Endowment for the Humanities 

Inspired by the powerful artwork of Indigenous artists responding to the “American Indian Wars” and artists of the Greater Middle East reacting to the “Global War on Terror,” the second Veteran Art Triennial & Summit focuses on how these artistic responses complicate and are entangled with the creative practices of veterans. The featured artworks, projects, programs, and exhibitions create opportunities for people to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of war.

The project began in September 2022 with a virtual scholarly seminar series at the nexus of critical ethnic studies, Native/Indigenous studies, and Middle Eastern Studies on the histories and futures of Native rebellion in relation to US militarism and warfare. The project culminated in the second Veteran Art Triennial & Summit, in spring 2023, at the Chicago Cultural Center, Hyde Park Art Center, and Newberry Library.

Selected Installation images below 

‘let’s teach them baseball” (installation image) 

‘let’s teach them baseball” (installation image) 

Field Manual (FM) 3-05.301“ (installation image) 

2019, Gerald Euhon Sheffield II