ecology of memories

a sight specific installation intended as a guerrilla style public sculpture. ecology of memories is a direct influence of artist Lynn Yamamoto’s “Borrowed Time” (2017) installation at the inargural Honolulu Biennial. Many of the Laukahi Slope residents favored the experience of watching me build this pavilion while walking through the park. Some people really appreciated the gesture and a few of the kids even started to play and hang on the sculpture. I decided to take it down for liability reasons. However, the deinstallation party was fantastic. Creating a space to pause and reflect in a place built for the community. The mini park also functioned as a conveyor belt - a convenient access point to another destination within the community.

ecology of memories
found/ discarded materials
dimensions variable
site specific installation: Laukahi slope mini park, Honolulu, HI


This pavilion was built out of discarded materials from within the community  and conceived as a residue of its residents. Laukahi Slope contains an open park for neighbors and guests. I created a visual experience based on contemplation, which is also a main element of memory. The pavilion is oriented toward the South in order to capture the same sunlight from morning to evening.

The pavilion is surrounded by natural shade, and sunlight only reaches a quarter of the inside through the main opening. Within the pavilion, lights passes through the external wooden slats creating a shadow which resemble window blinds.  

2019, Gerald Euhon Sheffield II