We Feel Our Way Through When We Don’t Know

We Feel Our Way Through When We Don’t Know features the works of Mariel Capanna, Cheeny Celebrado-Royer, Oscar Rene Cornejo, Vessna Scheff, Gerald Euhon Sheffield II, and Lachell Workman.

Feeling is a mode of study through which we can understand both our internal and external experiences. A gut feeling describes an inner intuitive experience used to maneuver many kinds of circumstances. Joy, wonder, fear, doubt, and grief are all emotional responses to external events that we carry and process as part of our interior life. To physically feel something is to experience that thing through touch. As we come to know objects and materials through touch, we become better aware of ourselves...(continue at Brattlerboro Museum) 

Selected exhibition images 

2019, Gerald Euhon Sheffield II