fables for introverts

For NADA House 2022, I considered moments of lost reflection within the past few years. In spite of reproducing familiar images centering national and racial identity at the periphery of trauma, war, violence and displacement, I focused on representing moments of quiet dialogue - a meeting of subjects that carry with them their own cultural and social identities - yet offer a potential perspective in representing the act of rest and quiet as an active, and subversive space to the cacophony of noise in our daily lives. Ultimately, I consider the works a Fables for Introverts: existing on their own terms. 
Full Exhibition Digital Catolog 

approaching twilight


Untitled (encounter)

Untitled (entanglement)

Untitled (crown)

Untitled (roots)


the silent majority

ferdinand and bambi

the birth of tragedy

installation images

2019, Gerald Euhon Sheffield II